The Tale of Two Sites: the history of Accio Quote!

Accio Quote! began as two separate sites, the Quick Quote Quill (QQQ) and Madam Scoop's Index to J.K. Rowling Interviews (Scoop's).

The QQQ was originally created by Mike Gray and has also been previously (and cleverly) named "The Goat Pen," and "Aberforth's Goat." Mike started collecting links and typing up clippings of JKR's interviews back in 2001. Eventually Mike transcribed the full text of over 160 interviews dating from the beginning in 1997 to 2003, and the Quick Quotes Quill was born.

Madam Scoop's Index began in the summer of 2004 as a thread over on HPANA where Madam Scoop (aka Deborah Skinner) began writing summaries of Jo's canon-related statements from the interviews. Angharad (aka Lisa Bunker) thought it would make a great website and developed the themes index that allowed people to see Deborah's summaries on one topic collected on one page, and then link to the full text interview on the QQQ.

A mere two months later the Scoop's team was asked to become full members of the Floo Network, an honor we did not expect.

Later that year Mike Gray turned QQQ responsibilities over to the to Lisa and Deborah. Lisa revised the site's design and regularized the citation format. She also added roughly 40 new interviews and created the sections for audio and video formats.

In 2007 Accio Quote! added new graphics by Finnish painter Riikka Jäntti and two new staff members, Julia Crimmins and Mary Ann Ortiz.

In the future? In 2008 we hope to be fully databased and more easily accessible from the Harry Potter Lexicon.

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