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Lisa Bunker (aka 'Angharad' and 'LisaQQQ') had the idea of organizing Madam Scoop's wonderfully useful quote summaries by topic and putting them on the web. She added over 100 new interviews and transcripts to the QQQ archive when she took it over in 2005 and is also a Senior Editor on the Harry Potter Lexicon.

Lisa is a children's librarian who lives in Tucson, Arizona (U.S.A.). She wore round glasses just like Harry's when she was 9 years old, but now she is quite a bit older than that. She enjoys gardening and four-wheeling on Arizona's scenic back roads.

Julia Crimmins (aka 'Jules') has been a long time fan of both the Lexicon and Accio Quote and its predecessors, Madam Scoop and QQQ and has been submitting articles and transcripts to AQ for some time now. AQ recently invited her to do this on a more official basis. Future Plans? Compiling a gallery of J K Rowling's drawings.

Julia is an historic buildings consultant who lives in Dublin, Ireland. She enjoys reading, cinema and indie bands.

Michael Young (aka 'Roonwit') helps with programming, and with finetuning the transcripts from video/audio sources.

Mary Ann Ortiz (aka 'daydreamcharms' and 'Meann') has been a Harry Potter fan since 2000 and is a regular visitor of the Floo Network websites.  She co-administers a local fan club, Hogwarts Philippines, and is part of a research team for the producers of a Harry Potter podcast.  She is also one of the organizers of the annual Philippine Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention.

Meann is a geodetic engineer and quality management engineer who lives in Manila, Philippines.  She loves books, movies, transcripts, and land quidditch.

Kimberly Denz found Harry Potter quite by accident. One day, her son brought home a Scholastic book order form from school with the Harry Potter books rudely crossed out with a thick, black marker. When she called the school to ask why these books were not available, she was told the school refused to support the "wicked, evil content being masked as children's literature." She promptly drove to the nearest book store and bought the first three Harry Potter books (the only ones printed at the time). She stumbled upon The Harry Potter Lexicon while anxiously awaiting the release of Book Five, and had scoured the QQQ (now Accio Quote!) for canon clues to Book Six.

Kimberly is a programmer/analyst who lives in Biloxi, MS. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, and traveling.

Riikka Jäntti is the artist behind all of our graphics here at Accio Quote! She lives in Helsinki, Finland, and is a graduate of the Department of Graphic Design, University of Art and Design Helsinki.

Riikka's work has been published by the Finnish publishing houses SKS, Otava and WSOY. She also recently wrote and illustrated a children's' novel, Nokikätkön ritarit ja Kuuhiisi (in Finnish).

Deborah Skinner (aka 'Madam Scoop') had an idea one day in 2004 that it would be helpful to survey and summarize every single Rowling interview, article and chat available on the web and post them on HPANA. Little did she know what she was getting in to! Her quote summaries were the basis for Madam Scoop's Index to J.K. Rowling Interviews, now part of Accio Quote!

Deborah lives in Boston, in Lincolnshire, UK. She loves soccer, Manchester United in particular.

Mike Gray (aka 'Aberforth's Goat') is the founder of Quick Quote Quill. Long, long ago in a fandom much smaller and wackier than it is today, he figured it would be a bother if Jo's interviews should disappear into thin ether and started collecting them. Then he set up a website and figured out how to run searches. By the time he transitioned his site to the Floo network there were already over a hundred interviews - and by now there are far, far more.

Mike is trying to write a PhD on religious identity and fantasy fiction, with an emphasis on the HP books. He lives with his wife and two children in Zürich, Switzerland where he does youth work to pay the bills and talks about playing American football in a Swiss amateur league.

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