Excerpt from the VHS video "The Magical World Of J K Rowling: Author Of Harry Potter"

Screenshot from the video.Date: date unknown, probably from October 1999 tour of the U.S.
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Interviewer: this is an author visit with an unseen audience
Transcript credit: DreamAngel of Dissendium
Type of file: Quicktime
Length: 1:06 minutes
Context:Excerpt from a video called "The Magical World Of J K Rowling: Author Of Harry Potter" from 2002. (In a different clip from the same video, Jo is wearing the same outfit and signing American copies of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.) TLC lists this as taking place at a Barnes & Noble bookstore, but they don't say why.

[J.K. stands for] Joanne Kathleen. Kathleen is from my dad's mum, one of my grandparents, which is really lucky because the other grandmother is called Frida. So I think I lucked out actually getting Kathleen there, somehow.

[portion edited out]

How many books am I planning to write, Harry Potter books? There will be seven in total. One for each - oh, you look happy, I'm so glad. That would be very depressing if you went, "Oh, no. Kindly give it a rest now."

He's going to be at Hogwarts for seven years. In the seventh book he'll turn 17. In my wizarding world, you come of age at 17. So in book seven he'll be allowed to use magic outside school. Ha-ha (cackling). So Dudley's really going to be in trouble. [Laughter]

"Now look at you being nasty to Dudley." I get letters from parents saying I'm mean because I make Harry be nasty to Dudley. And I'm like, have you read Dudley? do you understand what Dudley's like? I mean, there's turning the other cheek and there's just being a moron!