What happened in 2005?
On July 16, 2005, Harry and the Half-Blood Prince was published. Jo threw a big party at Edinburgh Castle and invited fansite webmasters Melissa Anelli and Emerson Spartz to her home for an hour-long interview.

Then, on November 11, 2005 the movie based upon Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was released.

Rowling continued her strategy of granting very few interviews with mainstream media, preferring to communicate directly with her readers via her website or at large events like book readings for charity.

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January 25 , 2005: Mackenzie Jean Rowling Murray born
Introduction to One City text JKR essay
**** June 16 American Editor Levine on HBP: 'There are a lot of answers'
The Leaky Cauldron
text Levine interview
July 16, 2005: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince published
***** July 16 "The Leaky Cauldron and MuggleNet interview Joanne Kathleen Rowling,"
The Leaky Cauldron

Part One
  • Emma, (UK editor) and Arthur (American editor) are the first people she discusses the manuscript with, but only after it is written.
  • JK uses her website to answer questions that she doesn't have room for in the novels; she thinks it will continue after Book 7 comes out.
  • The most likely thing JK would write Potter-wise after Book 7 would be an encyclopedia in which I could have fun with the minor characters and I could give the definitive biography of all the characters.
  • JK won't answer if Snape is evil or not because it will have such a huge impact on what will happen when Harry and Snape meet again: "I love the theories."
  • "Harry-Snape is now as personal, if not more so, than Harry-Voldemort."
  • Jo agrees that Dumbledore can seem trusting almost to the point of recklessness.
  • We will earn more about Dumbledore's backstory in Book 7.
  • Dumbledore's "wisdom has isolated him ... where is his equal, where is his confidante, where is his partner?"
  • Although McGonagall is a worthy second in command, she is not Dumbledore's equal.
  • Dumbledore is detached and likes to let people solve problems on their own. He thinks "let's wait and see if he can work this out."
  • Why did Voldemort offer Lily so many chances to live? JKR: "Can't tell you."
  • If Lily had stood aside and let Voldemort kill Harry, she would have been allowed to live. She had a very clear choice and very consciously lay down her life.
  • Why didn't James's death didn't protect Lily and Harry? "Because [Lily] could have lived and chose to die. James was going to be killed anyway." James "wasn't given a choice [whereas Lily] could have saved herself."
  • Did Lily know anything about the possible effect of standing in front of Harry? JKR: No ... it never happened before. No one ever survived before. And no one, therefore, knew that could happen."

Part Two

  • Sirius did indeed laugh when he was framed for the muggle murders because he was so "unhinged." "He knew what he'd lost."
  • "I see Sirius as someone who was a case of arrested development. I think you see that from his relationship with Harry in 'Phoenix.' He kind of wants a mate from Harry, and what Harry craves is a father."
  • Pettigrew "was a better wizard [and better at keeping secrets] than they knew."
  • Writing Luna's commentary during the Quidditch match was what caused JK's "fiendish glee" [mentioned on her website].
  • There will be no more Quidditch matches.
  • Peeves "comes with the building" and doesn't really answer to Dumbledore.
  • Umbridge is still at the Ministry; we will see more of her because JK wants to "torture" her a bit more.
  • Voldemort's boggart would be "death, ignominious death .... He would see himself dead." He sees death as a "shameful human weakness."
  • In front of the Mirror of Erised, Voldemort would see "Himself, all-powerful and eternal. That's what he wants."
  • JK won't tell us what Dumbledore would see in front of the Mirror of Erised, or what his boggart is, though we might be able to guess the boggart from clues in Book 6.
  • After Book 6, in front of the Mirror of Erised, Harry would see "Voldemort finished, dead gone .... Because he knows now that he will have no peace and no rest until this is accomplished."
  • At the moment the last word is still "scar."
  • The Sorting Hat has never been wrong. When it talks on its own it comes from "the founders themselves."
  • As one can guess from the end of Book 6, the founders of Hogwarts will play a role in Book 7.
  • Who is R.A.B.? Regulus Black is a "fine choice."
  • JK will not comment on whether or not Sirius' mirror will allow communication with Regulus or not.
  • It is possible that we will find out what spell Dumbledore was trying to cast on Voldemort in the Ministry.
  • Jo thinks that there are about 3,000 wizards in Britain, though she admits that being specific about numbers is not "how I think."
  • There are at least 40 students in Harry's year.
  • JK had fun with the romance in Book 6. She hopes that the trends are now entirely clear. "I really enjoyed writing the Ron/Lavender business." Ron needed to "grow up emotionally."
  • Draco worship worries her. "Draco, whatever he looks like, is not a nice man."
  • "Draco did a lot of growing up" in Book 6.
  • Draco is very gifted in Occlumency, unlike Harry. Draco can suppress "virtually all of the good side of himself."
  • Harry is too emotionally honest to be a good Occlumens.
  • Suddenly, after "having talked the talk [Draco's] asked to walk it for the first time and it is absolutely terrifying. I felt sorry for Draco."
  • "Draco would not have killed Dumbledore."
  • JK won't tell us if Dumbledore was planning to die. "I have to give people hope."
  • "Regulus got in a little too deep. Like Draco. He was attracted to it, but the reality of what it meant was way too much to handle."
  • JK posted once on Mugglenet, but she does not ever post in comments.

Part Three

  • Pensieves "recreate" the entire reality of the memory and are free of any personal interpretations or biases. Even things not initially noticed are recorded.
  • Grindelwald is dead; JK won’t say if he is important or not.
  • JK intended to draw a parallel to World War II when she chose the date for Grindelwald’s death (1945).
  • Muggle and wizarding wars “feed” each other.
  • Alice Longbottom’s gum wrappers are merely a way of showing how extremely insane she is. She is not trying to pass secret messages.
  • The veil was created hundreds and hundreds of years ago at the same time the Ministry was created. It is only used for the research of death and not for executions.
  • JK won’t tell us if there will be another scene in the locked room in the Department of Mysteries.
  • Dumbledore is primarily self-taught. He also had access to superb teachers at Hogwarts.
  • JK: “Dumbledore's family would be a profitable line of inquiry.”
  • Harry’s Evans grandparents died natural deaths. There is “nothing sinister” about their deaths.
  • James was born to parents who were elderly, even by wizarding standards, and died from a wizarding illness. There is “nothing sinister” about their deaths.
  • JK implies that Harry is not the Heir of Gryffindor.
  • Dumbledore’s line “the prophecy is significant only because you and Voldemort choose to make it so” is a key point in Book 6.
  • Ron's eyes are blue.
  • Ron's Patronus is a Jack Russell terrier.
  • In Book 2 Ginny sent Harry the valentine of her own volition.
  • The fact that Ginny is the first girl to be born into the Weasley family in generations is meant to indicate that Ginny will be a very gifted witch.
  • Not everyone in Slytherin house is hateful. The house is important to Hogwarts to create balance.
  • The Death Eater children are a small fraction of the total Slytherin population. In fact, some Death Eater children belong to other houses.
  • The four houses “correspond roughly to the four elements.” Gryffindor is fire, Ravenclaw is air, Hufflepuff is earth, and Slytherin is water.
  • Quite a few boys were attracted to Lily. “Like Ginny, she was a popular girl.”
  • “Lupin was very fond of Lily” but he did not compete with James for her.
  • Fred and George did not have foreknowledge of the Quidditch World Cup outcome; they simply gambled on a hunch and won. They “were prepared to risk everything.”
  • Fred and George figured out how to use the Marauder’s Map because they were goofing around with it. The map helped them out too.
  • Dumbledore’s “gleam of triumph” (GoF) will be enormously significant to Book 7.
  • Dumbledore's guesses about how to kill Voldemort are “never very far wide of the mark.” Harry will need to get rid of four horcruxes, and then “go for Voldemort.” Dumbledore has given Harry “some pretty valuable clues” and Harry "has amassed more knowledge than he realizes."
  • At least one of the remaining Horcruxes is pretty easy to guess at if you are a careful reader.
  • “Ginny is definitely in no way possessed by Voldemort.” She is not a Parselmouth.
  • Ginny does not have a life debt to Harry from Book 2.
  • Hagrid’s “Keeper of the Keys” title simply means that he will let you in and out of Hogwarts.
  • Harry and Ron will never read Hogwarts, a History.
  • Dobby did not know about the prophecy; he only knew what he could pick up in the Malfoy household.
  • Snape has been loved by someone.
  • Witches and wizards can Disapparate when they’re in danger and they can’t/won’t stay and fight.
  • JK won’t tell us if anyone else was present in Godric’s Hollow the night Harry’s parents were killed.
***** July 17 Edinburgh "cub reporter" press conference
  • Glasses do not protect one from a Basilisk. Cameras do because there are mirrors and numerous lenses.
  • Harry is a good role model, but not saintly. He is struggling to do the right thing.
  • Dumbledore is about 150.
  • Dumbledore and Flamel "became friends during Dumbledore's lifetime, they hadn't been friends from boyhood."
  • There will be a new DADA teacher in Book 7. Something will stop Snape from teaching DADA in the next book.
  • JK has written an epilogue that explains what some of the characters' lives are like, but she may not actually use it.
  • JK doesn't know yet how long Book 7 will be.
  • JK read some of the Narnia books, but has never read the final one in the series.
  • "There will be some characters [in Book 7] who you don't know particularly well, and there may be a couple of new characters, but nobody really major. You know pretty much the cast list by now."
  • JK's favorite Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes invention is the day dream charm.
  • The magical protection Harry receives from staying at the Dursleys will not hold once he turns 17 and becomes a man.
  • Umbridge is "alive and well and working at the Ministry." She did not get arrested because her Ministry contacts are so good. "She is one of those people, and they do exist in real life, who will always side with the established order." "She likes power."
  • Petunia knows about dementors because she "overheard a conversation" between Lily and someone else. But there is more to it than that; we will earn more in Book 7.
  • Jo values courage above all other virtues and was trying to make that point when Neville stood up to the trio at the end of PS. Neville doesn't have the "Macho, showy type of courage that Harry shows playing quidditch."
  • JK was "seriously upset" at the end of Book 6.
  • Goblet of Fire and Chamber of Secrets were the hardest books for JK to write.
  • JK "always planned for [Harry] to want to be an auror."
  • Fawkes has always been owned by Dumbledore. She will not answer a question about his role in the next book "which probably gives you a big clue." Fawkes is Dumbledore's possession, not a Hogwarts possession.
  • At one point there was a blind character named Mopsus who had the power of second sight, but his divination skills were a little too good so he was cut. He had some similarities with Mad-Eye Moody.
  • You do not know what animagus form you will take until you have transformed.
  • In Book 7 we will become better acquainted with another member of the Order of the Phoenix. This is someone we know about but have not "met properly."
  • Jo says she thinks it will be at least another two year wait before Book 7 comes out.
  • JK removed the Half-blood Prince storyline from Chamber of Secrets because it didn't work well, and it would have blown too many things open.
text interview
July 17 One-on-one interview with J.K. Rowling [interview by Owen Jones]
ITV Network
  • JKR: "Ravenclaw will have its day!"
  • Wormtail won't kill Lupin.
  • Jo is implying that Dumbledore had a hand in ending WWII when he defeated the dark wizard Grindelwald.
  • She gave Harry a fortune as she was poor at the time and wanted him to have a lot. It was wishful thinking.
  • Loves fan-theories. People have been very close to figuring out things.
  • JKR: "Bits of the final book have been guessed."
  • Ron is a character who would swear, but her editor won't let her use swear words.
  • A Hogwarts graveyard will not play a role in the last book; it is something fans made up. [Ed: the source was actually Alfonso Cuarón]
  • JKR: "When people have finished reading this book, they will really know what to expect in book seven. I think I give very clear pointers to what Harry will do next."
  • JKR: "The final chapter, as I've always said, really relates to what happens to the people who survive the story, after the end of the story. And I have made small tweaks to it over the intervening years. And I'll have to rewrite it when I get there."
text interview
*** July 17 "Harry Potter author dreading closing final chapter" [report on interview by Owen Jones]
Ireland On-line

text report
*** July 17 One-on-one interview with J.K. Rowling [interview by Emma Coad]
  • The name 'Gringotts,' came from the word ingot (a bar of gold). Putting 'gr' in front made it sound "intimidating."
  • A Patronus is a kind of spirit guardian.
text interview
**** July 17 J.K. Rowling Hogwarts and All
Time Magazine

  • Harry "has had less sexual experience than boys of his age might have had" because his life has been so eventful.
  • Magic does not make Harry's world significantly better. The relationships he has in the magical world make his world better. "Magic in many ways complicates his life."
  • On the topic of her books being free of references to God: "Um. I don't think they're that secular," she says, choosing her words slowly. "But, obviously, Dumbledore is not Jesus."
  • [The books are a] kind of a litany of bad fathers. That's where evil seems to flourish, in places where people didn't get good fathering."
  • After Book 6 "you're left with a very clear idea of what Harry's going to do next."
  • "I think I can say categorically that I will not write another fantasy after Harry."
text interview
July 17 Love Potions and Tragic Magic
text review
*** July 17 J.K. Rowling, the author with the magic touch: 'It’s going to be really emotional to say goodbye,' says Rowling as she writes the last book in the Harry Potter saga
Dateline NBC
  • In Book 6 Harry finds out a lot about the past which "hopefully will be of use to him in the future."
  • No one else knows her ideas for Book 7.
text interview
** July 18 A princely Harry Potter adventure was the dream of a lifetime [A report from TLC's Melissa Anelli]
Staten Island Advance
text event report
** July 18 Emerson's Scotland Report
event report
** July 19 TLC Report: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince launch weekend, Edinburgh, Scotland, July 15 - July 17, 2005
The Leaky Cauldron

event report
*** Undated
(late summer?)
Inspirational Women: J.K. Rowling, Author
Girl Guiding Scotland
text interview
November 11, 2005: Movie based upon Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire released
**** Dec 10 Living with Harry
BBC Radio 4
  • Hogwarts needed to be somewhere fairly distant so that students could make all the commotion they needed and Muggles didn't come across it all the time.
  • Voldemort "is not, in a biological sense, related to [Harry] at all."
  • Dumbledore regretted that it was he "who had the burden of knowing." He would "rather not know."
  • Harry had to have the near "breakdown" in book 5 to underline his humanness; however "he will rise from the ashes strengthened."
  • Jo gets "cold shivers when someone guesses at something that's very close" but enough ideas are "off the wall" that she doesn't really worry; the ending is "clearly not that obvious."
  • Jo has the whole series planned out but she allows herself small digressions.
  • JKR: "You really sort of skid off the end of six straight into seven" because you know at the end of six that the main plot line isn't finished.
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