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Owen Jones, July 17, 2005[Editor's note: We still don't have a video or full transcript of this Owen Jones interview; if you have one please send it to us! Below is a fan report by "M" posted on the fansite O/T that may or may not be accurate]

JK's interview with Owen Jones (age 14)

1) What inspired her to write the 1st book and where was she at the time?

Train journey - started writing in London, continued in Portugal, finished in Edinburgh.

2) The books have been translated into 60 languages, did she expect them to be so successful?

No, would have been deluded to, never dreamed it would happen.

3) New definition of 'muggle' has been added to Oxford English Dictionary, how does she feel to see references from her books getting into society?

Very proud - also loves 'Quidditch' being in an encyclopedia, her copy opens at that page cos she looked at it so often.

4) Does she wish she could still sit in a cafe and watch the world go by (undisturbed etc)?

Yes, wishes she could still do that and have no-one notice it was her etc.

5) What things from Harry's world would she like to bring to our world?

Invisibility cloak or Pensieve. (Could use the cloak to go to cafes and not be spotted.)

6) Names of the Hogwarts houses were created on the back of an aeroplane sick bag - does she get lots of ideas in weird locations etc?

Yes - she can tell it's a good idea when she feels a physical reaction to it. Always has a pen handy now, as she didn't on the train and always wonders what she's forgotten from her original idea.

7) What is wrong with Ravenclaw that she neglects them?

"Ravenclaw will have their day, if you know what I mean, but you don't, of course..."
We've seen their house ghost twice, the Grey Lady.

8) Will Pettigrew kill Lupin with his silver hand?

"No, Pettigrew will not kill Lupin."

9) Was she implying DD had a hand in ending the second world war re his defeat of Grindewald in 1945?

May well have been - likes making connections between the 2 worlds, adds to believability as it interconnects, is both secret and apparent but muggles don't realise the connections.

10) Gordon Brown asked - where does Harry get his money?

Inheritance from his father. Kept at Gringotts. Not really that important, just means he can afford robes etc - wishful thinking on her part when she was broke, that you could have a fortune and not have to worry about money etc.

11) Lemarr asked - Which subject would JK like to teach?

Used to be transfiguration, but now DADA, as seems more worthwhile.

12) Fans have come up with theories, how close do they get, how does it feel if someone correctly guesses?

Loves the theories more than she can say, takes it as highest compliment.
People have got very close re the end of the final book, but no-one she's read has actually got there yet, though they've hit on certain details.

13) Stephen Fry asked - has she ever had an idea for a scene/dialogue that was too sad/shocking/rude to use?

Editors don't allow swearing - she had to get around it in other ways, in Ron's case in particular.

14) Holly from Ministry of Mayhem asked - What books would JK like to have written?

Most identifies with E.Nesbitt, her books stand the test of time, and the kids in them are realistic for their time etc.

15) Internet rumours:

Dean Thomas is HBP? - No.
Peter Pettigrew will be back and we'll find out what he's been up to? - Yes.

Hogwarts graveyard is important? - No. "Where is this graveyard? They're making up additional features for the school."

Is HBP dead already? - Can't answer, keep reading.

16) Harry's eyes are mentioned a lot, are they important?

They do get mentioned a lot, and again in book 6, that's all she'll say.

17) Would she consider doing a cameo?

She was offered Lily Potter, but knew it wouldn't just be waving out of the mirror cos of book 4, so wasn't really a cameo, and (obviously) she declined.

18) When is she starting book 7? Can we have clues?

Starting end of 2005/start of 2006. Has done some bits already, still working on some others.

Book 6 should have given clear pointers to what will be going on in book 7.

19) There's lots of security around the books, what is gained from that?

People who want to enjoy reading the books don't have it ruined for them. She finds it 'upsetting and disquieting' that some people like to intentionally ruin the story for others, it's mean-spirited.

20) How is the final chapter kept safe, and could the ending still change?

Can't tell how it's kept safe.
The ending will not change now, it's all been planned and will stay as it is. The final chapter is about what happens to the survivors after the end of the story.

21) Is she looking forward to finishing book 7?

50/50 - dreading it in some ways, will be a profound shock, but will also have benefits re the lack of pressure for the next book etc.

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