Mzimba, Lizo. "JK Rowling: full webchat interview," cBBC Newsround, 4 March 2004

After Lizo Mzimba put our Press Pack winner's question to JK Rowling, he stuck around to ask her some questions about doing webchats.

What was the webchat like?
There were some really good questions. I feel guilty that obviously people want a lot of information about the next two books, but I did give them some small snippets of information.

Why is World Book Day so important?
It's always important to highlight the importance of books and reading, and I do think this is a great opportunity to remind people what's out there.

Is it a good way to connect with fans?
It's hard to think of a better way, particularly for a writer because obviously I consider that I'm most articulate on the page.

So to type answers to people feels very natural to me. But you can connect to so many people at one time, and it's a very intimate way of talking to people.

Have you got a message to those who couldn't get their questions asked?
I'm really sorry, but with 16,000 questions there just wasn't enough time for everyone.

But I really hope that someone else asked a question that was close to what they wanted to know.

So hopefully if they read it, they will get more information.

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