"JK on Simpsons, show to air at end of year." BBC Newsround. Updated 28 February 2003.

The episode of The Simpsons which JK Rowling will appear in is called The Regina Monologues, we can exclusively reveal. [IMDB listing]

In it the Simpson family visit the UK. It's expected to air in the US in November or December of this year.

JK's one of the world's busiest authors and is constantly bombarded with TV requests. So why has she agreed to appear in The Simpsons, as we told you on Wednesday?

She's been a fan of the show for years, and was especially pleased when the programme did a Potter spoof in 2000, with Bart and Lisa going to wizard school.

"I love The Simpsons because of the detail - there are so many layers and it works for kids and for adults.

"That's one of the reasons I like it so much." JK Rowling told us then.

"When I lived in Portugal, a group of us used to sprint to a cafe after work so we could watch The Simpsons.

"It was the highlight of our TV week - if only I had known one day that they'd be spoofing me!"

Huge fan
The Harry Potter Hallowe'en spoof was a great success. And Simpson's creator Matt Groening is a huge fan of Harry Potter anyway. But now, he's gone one step further letting JK playing herself.

When Newsround first told him a few years back that JK loved The Simpsons too and asked if he'd include some Potter references, he was very pleased. "Wow, I am honoured, my kids have devoured all of the books. No doubt we'll do some Harry Potter references."

That promise has now come true. J K Rowling has recorded her lines, but the animation takes a bit of time and has not yet been completed. There's no word yet on when it'll air in the UK.

Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/cbbcnews/hi/tv_film/newsid_2807000/2807161.stm