Mzimba, Lizo. "There will NOT be an eighth Potter Book," CBBC Newsround, 21 October 2002

JK Rowling and her agents have categorically denied that an eighth Harry Potter adventure is planned. Reports in UK newspapers on Sunday and Monday had claimed that these were the titles for the remaining two Harry Potter adventures and a "secret" eighth book:
Harry Potter and The Pyramids of Furmat
Harry Potter and the Chariots of Light
Harry Potter and The Alchemist's Cell

But JK Rowling, speaking from Edinburgh, has exclusively told Newsround: "No one, literally no one, not in my family or anybody, knows the titles to Book Six or Seven. "And I'm going to keep it that way for now."

No eighth adventure

And a spokesman from the Christopher Little Literary Agency confirmed that the author is only planning seven books. "There is absolutely no truth in reports that JK Rowling is planning an eighth Harry Potter adventure, or that these are the titles of the remaining books to be published."

How did the rumours start?

The false titles seem to have emerged in early 2000. Someone in America - we don't know who - appears to have made up the three names and registered them along with Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. (At that time, the fourth book hadn't been published and the title was still a secret). Later in 2000, all four titles were transferred to Warner Bros - although it's not clear why this happened.

Seven years at Hogwarts

The misunderstanding that these were the names of the new Harry Potter books took place when journalists checked what names were owned by Warner Bros. Those journalists assumed (wrongly) that these must be unpublished titles. JK Rowling has said in the past that the whole Harry Potter saga fits neatly into seven books, one for each of Harry's years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. And if she ever did write an eighth book, then it wouldn't be another adventure, but a book for charity which would be the encyclopedia of the Harry Potter world. At the moment JK Rowling is putting the finishing touches to the fifth book Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix. The film of Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets will be released next month.