Kurtz, Frank. "Rowling Denies Writer's Block Rumors," Associated Press, 10 August 2001

J. K. Rowling is personally debunking rumors that a writer's block is what is preventing the fifth [HARRY POTTER] novel from getting written and published for 2001. The rumor had been reported by the UK's The Scotsman newspaper.

Rowling swiftly responded to the rumor in a letter to the paper, stating, "There is no writer's block - on the contrary, I am writing away very happily.

"Regarding the as yet untitled fifth book's release date, Rowling says, "As I, my publishers and my agent have stated since the publication of [GOBLET OF FIRE] in July 2000, there was never any intention of publishing the fifth [HARRY POTTER] in 2001, nor has any deadline ever been set for the delivery of the manuscript."