O'Donnell, Paul and Seth Stevenson, Devin Gordon, Victoria Scanlon Stefanaos. "Hurry, Harry!" Newsweek, 1 November 1999

J.K. Rowling briefly discusses plot of next book about Harry Potter.

Like Harry Potter, the hero she created, author J.K. Rowling knows how to cast a spell. At a recent stop on her U.S. publicity blitz, Rowling revealed to an eager audience that the fourth book in her blockbuster series will feature a Quidditch World Cup (ask a Harryhead), but no romance between the young Harry and his pal Hermione. Also, Potter will never become an animagus (whatever that is), as his father did. Some conservative parents, though, have more serious questions in mind, like "Is Harry evil?" In five states, pockets of moms and dads want Potter books out of classrooms and school libraries. Rowling, they allege, is encouraging kids to practice witchcraft. Hey, at least they're reading something.