"The Magical World Of J K Rowling: Author Of Harry Potter" (excerpt)

Date: February 1999?
Content: Jo accepts the British Book Award for Children's Book of the Year for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Transcript credit: Jules of AQ
Context: Video footage from "The Magical World Of J K Rowling - Author Of Harry Potter"

JKR: Erm Trying very hard not to do a Gwynneth [Paltrow] here. This is such an honour. Thank you, thank you so much. Erm, I have to thank Bloomsbury, as ever, - in particular Emma Mathewson, my [UK] editor, and Rosamund De la Hay.

Erm, I'm so terrified. If you were all nine years old I'd feel so much more comfortable. Erm, Maximum Strength Lemsip [a hot drink taken as relief from colds and flu] as well, I'd like to thank.

Eh, I'm completely overwhelmed, as you can tell.

I'd like to congratulate Jaqueline Wilson, because that is a great book. And I'd just like to say to her "the great thing about winning this is neither of us have to be photographed next to Gerry Hall. Which is…[end of clip]

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